At Rosborough Partners, passion fuels excellence. We’re dedicated to crafting exceptional landscapes through expert design, flawless installation, and responsible stewardship. But the true measure of success lies in how we transform your exterior space and elevate your outdoor lifestyle. Don’t just take our word for it – let our satisfied clients tell you how their transformed landscape has enriched their life by becoming an extension of their home, and how RP elevated an iconic institutional site.

Backyard Sanctuary

This family steps out of their home and is instantly transported into their very own nature sanctuary. Their expansive lawn is surrounded by perennial beds that transition through the seasons with lovely blooms that beckon butterflies that flit and dance on the breeze. A bird sanctuary provides a peaceful respite for the family to connect with nature and enjoy the antics of their feathered friends.

Baha’i Temple

Standing as a beacon of unity and peace, the iconic Baha’i Temple welcomes 300,000 visitors annually to take in the grandeur of their famous gardens. The high volume of visitors necessitates meticulous attention and care to ensure both the health of the plants and the enduring beauty of the gardens. Each of the nine surrounding gardens boasts its own unique style and character. This individuality extends to their care, with specialized plans implemented to ensure each plant flourishes and every garden thrives. Through this dedicated stewardship, the Baha’i Temple gardens remain a haven of tranquility and natural wonder for all who visit.