Our Culture

For over three decades, Rosborough Partners has been the heartbeat of transformative landscape design in the Chicago area. Since our inception in 1991, we have ignited a passion for crafting outdoor masterpieces that transcend function and aesthetics … we enrich lives by transforming landscapes into breathtaking outdoor living areas that are extensions of your home. Allow us to unlock the potential of your outdoor space and create something special for you.

Our Story – Planting The Seeds

In 1991, Phil Rosborough looked at the landscape industry and saw an opportunity to plant the seeds for a better residential landscape architecture firm. It needed to be innovative yet down-to-earth. Artistically impressive while meeting a homeowner’s desired lifestyle. An investment in people, both homeowners and team members, to lead, support and inspire. And ultimately, Phil wanted to establish long-standing relationships built on faith-based principles, creative problem solving and effective, transparent communication.

Over thirty years later, that seedling of an idea has grown into a landscape architecture, construction and maintenance firm dedicated to groundbreaking design, top-notch construction and impeccable garden stewardship. The fruits of that labor? Numerous awards and countless satisfied clients – many of whom have been with us for decades.

Our Mission – Stewarding Life And Land

Rosborough Partners’ mission is to transform lives with the purpose of bringing glory to God.

Our Vision – Cultivating Relationships

Rosborough Partners’ vision is to have property owners everywhere experience the transformative power of a well-designed, impeccably installed and thoughtfully maintained garden that lasts through generations.

Our Values – What Grounds Us

Passion for artistic landscape transformations

Respect for all people and nature

Impactful difference in the lives of others

Delight in every interaction and endeavor

Exceptional results that inspire