• Multi-Level Terrace Photo by xxx

    The multi-level terrace of random bluestone invites family and friends to a pool nestled on the edge of a backyard bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Installed in the cabana is a large screen TV that can be viewed from the patio or pool.

  • Classic Home Photo by xxx

    This graceful, classic home called for an equally timeless landscape. Working with the Hoerr Group and Masonry by Fernando, Rosborough Partners installed a sunken lawn court surrounded by Cotoneaster shrubs to soften the walls. The Boston Ivy cloaking the house requires constant care to look its best, a task RP has performed for more than twenty years.

  • Bridge Photo by xxx

    Sometimes a creative solution becomes a showpiece. Drainage issues in this garden required a dry river bed to soak up excess water. A bridge to the front door and plantings with full season interest turned it into a prime feature of the home.

  • Heavily Wooded Site Photo by xxx

    For this heavily wooded site, RP chose a variety of plants for their shade preferences as well as their textures. The resulting plantings and walkway feel natural and yet fit seamlessly with the architecture of the home.

  • Garden Path Photo by xxx

    This dramatic garden path, designed by Charles Stick and installed by Rosborough Partners, features an elegantly arching pergola that transitions from one garden space to the next. A combination of Hydrangeas grace the entrance and climb the pergola columns.

  • Complementary Styles Photo by xxx

    Contrasting yet complementary styles: an informal gravel path to the gardens meets a formal terrace defined by clipped boxwood bushes. Endless Summer Hydrangeas offer beautiful color during the entire growing season.

  • Granite Boulders Photo by xxx

    Large granite boulders line the garden and help transition the grade change while also blending with the home’s architectural details. The fine textures of the plant material are an interesting contrast with the bulk of the rocks.

  • Pool and Garden Photo by xxx

    The large granite boulders are repeated around a pool in the lower level of the garden to tie the spaces together. The pool features a cascading hot tub and waterfall.

  • Colorful Plantings Photo by xxx

    Masses of colorful plantings make this garden lush and inviting. The curving path winds from the house to the top of the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan.

  • Rose and Vegetable Garden Photo by xxx

    A formal rose and vegetable garden featuring topiary style hedges is meticulously maintained by Rosborough Partners. Annuals and potted plants were added to keep it full throughout the growing season.

  • Superior Garden Photo by xxx

    This garden lover’s garden incorporates everything from aquatics, to roses, to perennials, trees and shrubs, as well as a luxurious yet durable bentgrass lawn. Rosborough Partners has enhanced and maintained this garden for over twenty years.

  • Informal Garden Photo by xxx

    An informal, natural garden full of plants that love shade. The flagstone walk runs from house to driveway then bleeds off into a mulch path as it winds around the property.

  • Spotless Garden Photo by xxx

    A white-and-green formal garden frames a dramatic pool area. Rosborough Partners keep up the gardens’ spotless appearance through meticulous maintenance.

  • Urban Oasis 1 Photo by xxx

    A contemporary oasis in the city: multiple levels of formal and informal entertainment environments make smart, sophisticated use of space in this urban garden. Children also enjoy a half-court basketball area.

  • Urban Oasis 2 Photo by xxx

    Ingenious planning and space usage results in an intimate seating area far from the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

  • Spiral Garden Photo by xxx

    Particular care goes into tending a spectacularly unique landscape. The detail of this spiral lawn draws visitor interest and transforms the yard into a magical garden.

  • Perennial Garden Bed Photo by xxx

    Artfully placed perennials create a floral presentation worthy of the best impressionist painter’s attention.

  • English Garden Photo by xxx

    Is there anything more lovely than an English garden? This timeless landscape evokes nostalgia for the charm of a bygone era, for it is here that you can truly stop and smell the roses.

  • Spectacular Entrance Photo by xxx

    Striking architecture calls for an experienced hand to ensure the landscape complements the lines and sophistication of the home. This stunning entrance is at once elegant and warm, reflecting the home owners’ style.

  • Garden Gate Photo by xxx

    Custom garden gate beckons the visitor to enter and explore the garden’s wonder.

  • Private Pool Party Photo by xxx

    This dream backyard with refreshing pool provides room for entertaining any size crowd. Lush landscaping blocks out the rest of the world and allows privacy for summer fun.

  • Mass Plantings Enhance Natural Surroundings Photo by xxx

    A mass planting of daisies where sunlight shines through the trees highlights the front entrance and calls attention to the spectacular natural environment.

  • Expansive Blue Stone Patio For Optimum Viewing Photo by xxx

    An expansive blue stone patio allows access from every room and provides lake and wood viewing from any vantage point.