Sustainable Initiatives

When you work in the soil every day, you grow to appreciate the wonders of nature – and the risks to its purity. That is why Rosborough Partners is strongly committed to not just shaping the environment, but sustaining and protecting it as well. From bio-deisel fuels in our trucks to green gardening practices, we see it as part of our job as stewards of the Earth to leave it healthier and more beautiful than we found it.

For your safety and that of your children and pets, we prefer to use only organic fertilizers and the most natural treatments available for fungus, plant disease and pest control. This helps the soil stay healthy and avoids filling the water table with dangerous chemicals. We encourage our clients’ interest in other sustainable initiatives such as rain harvesting, water sensors on irrigation systems, rain gardens, vegetable gardens, rooftop gardens and green roofs.

While many homeowners still enjoy colorful ornamental flowers (which require more care, watering and feeding than native plants), you may want to try some green landscaping solutions that combine the best of both worlds. Around and among the eye-catching annuals, we often plant groupings of perennials, including purple prairie clover, black-eyed Susans, coneflowers and coreopsis – which do not require amended soil, mulching over the winter or constant watering once their roots are established.

We also work with property managers and commercial business owners to ‘go green,’ helping them adopt water conservation practices, native plantings and organic fertilizers. Integrating native grasses, shrubs, trees and plants into their landscapes reduces the budget formerly allocated to annuals as well as the man-hours required for care and upkeep.