Rosborough Partners offers a full array of residential garden and landscaping services to help you transform your outdoor space into a warm and welcoming part of your home.

Garden Design & Planting

The joy of creating a garden that enhances a home and thrills a client – this is the heart and soul of what we do. Each project requires not only an artistic eye and encyclopedic knowledge of plants and landscape techniques, but a careful, analytical review of the site conditions, soil balance, watering and maintenance requirements, as well as a clear understanding of how the space will be used. The options are endless – which is why we listen carefully to your thoughts, needs and desires – so in the end, it will be the garden of your dreams.

Pools & Water Features

An elegant pool built into the landscape of your property can turn a backyard into a private resort. Perfect for entertaining or family time, pools, hot tubs and other water features add value to your home and create an outdoor living space that beckons you to unwind.





Rosborough Partners can design and install any type of water feature, surrounded by terrace or blended beautifully into its setting with privacy plantings, brilliant annuals or luxurious lawn.

Garden Art

Statues, fountains or urns within a garden can add a unique and personal touch of whimsy to a private garden, or grandeur to a formal setting. Occasionally clients fall in love with a piece of art; Rosborough Partners designs a garden to set it off perfectly. A feature that often reflects a homeowner’s personality and style, garden art can be purchased, commissioned or ordered to your exact specifications.

Container Gardens

Whether a formal focal point or a casual accent, container gardens create a masterpiece of color and texture wherever they are. On a terrace or patio, they soften the setting and bring nature closer; they can also be used to highlight driveways and entrances to the home. Some homeowners enjoy herb or vegetable container gardens for more centralized maintenance and convenience. Rosborough Partners design, plant and maintain container gardens year round for many discerning clients, including beautiful holiday and winter plantings.

Outdoor Lighting

Carefully planned outdoor lighting, dramatic or subtle, can enlarge your outdoor living space, show off architecture, light walkways or simply make your home and grounds safer for family and friends.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Midwest winters can be harsh; all the more reason to enjoy the other three seasons to the fullest. Rosborough Partners designs and builds outdoor living areas that add space to your home and freedom to your lifestyle. Clients with smaller homes and urban dwellers often choose to make their gardens into virtual rooms with complete dining, cooking and entertainment facilities.


Walks, patios, driveways, terraces and decks – these are the frames that can set off any garden or landscape. More than just thoroughfares, they add beauty and contrast to your outdoor living space. Rosborough Partners can ensure that this significant investment in your property be designed and installed properly for years of enjoyment.

Maintenance Options

Rosborough Partners offers a variety of maintenance options for homeowners, from a few times a year clean up to weekly, year round maintenance. In addition to mowing the lawn, our maintenance services include garden weeding, deadheading, trimming and mulching; planting of annuals; care for roses; and planting of seasonal container gardens. Homeowners often choose to have our expert crews provide total care for the outside of their home, including pool drainage, leaf removal, Christmas decorating, snow plowing, even pet friendly salting.


Rosborough Partners manages all projects that we design so that you don’t have to. This gives us the control to ensure that all elements are up to our standards and all spaces interact as they should. We work with several well-respected contractors for the installation of pools, fences, driveways and lighting elements; all other work we perform ourselves. Our crews are sensitive to the disruption that construction can cause and will do everything in our power to make the process as quick and seamless as possible for you.

Plant Health Care Services

Rosborough Partners, Inc. has a full Plant Health Care division to take care of weeds, insects and diseases that could affect the beauty of your landscape.
Rather than using blanket applications to maintain the proper health of lawn and plants, our approach is to tailor a program to your landscape’s specific needs. Since healthy plants and lawns have less disease and fewer insects, this enables us to reduce the overall amount of pesticides used. In situations where pesticides are called for, we always use organic or natural solutions before resorting to a synthetic solution.
Our Plant Health Care Services include:

  • Organic fertilization
  • Soil testing
  • Foliar feeding (applying liquid fertilizer to leaves)
  • Mosquito control
  • Snail and slug control
  • Rabbit and deer repellents

All of our applicators are required to be licensed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture – so you know your plants and lawn are being treated by a skilled and knowledgeable application specialist.