Commercial Services

Beautiful, well-maintained gardens at building entrances and doorways, and carefully manicured lawns make good business sense. They convey a sense of prosperity and customer service, and reflect positively on your organization. Rosborough Partners provides a broad range of commercial maintenance services to small and large businesses, homeowner associations, industrial properties, retail, offices and distribution facilities throughout the Chicagoland area. Rosborough Partners’ crews cover a wide geographical area: from Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, to the Indiana border, and from Chicago and to the Western Suburbs.

Whether you need full-service commercial maintenance or turn-key commercial services ranging from turfcare, pest management, landscape design/build, site enhancements, irrigation and snow plowing operations, Rosborough Partners is the only partner you need to keep your property safe and looking its best.

Seasonal Flower Program

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Annual plantings at the entrance of your building or complex
add color and seasonal interest, and make striking display on a busy street. A grouping of annuals and native perennials, casual or tailored, can be used to attract attention to entrance signs, highlight directions, dress up entrances or add interest to common areas. Our yearly contracts include a one-time planting of perennials and ongoing seasonal enhancement with planting of bulbs in the spring, annuals in the summer and mums and grasses in the fall.

Sustainability Options

Property managers and commercial business owners who want to ‘go green’ can find affordable help doing so with Rosborough Partners. We can adopt water conservation practices, increase native plantings and use organic fertilizers. Integrating native grasses, shrubs, trees and plants into your landscape can reduce the budget formerly allocated to annuals as well as the man-hours required for care and upkeep.

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Keep your lawns and gardens in top shape with professional maintenance by Rosborough Partners. In addition to mowing, we keep your landscape investment healthy and attractive: groundcover and perennial areas neat and manicured, gardens blooming, lawns green and weed-free, and shrubs, vines and trees trimmed and attractive. Our professional landscapers also keep a careful eye out for potential problems such as signs of insects or plant disease.  We’ll even make landscape recommendations that will help to preserve your grounds, such as reinforcing the embankments of ponds to offset erosion. More than just maintenance workers, all Rosborough Partners employees bring years of experience, knowledge and dedication to every project, and will keep your best interests at heart to protect your property over the long term.


Seasonal planters soften and add color to any plaza or hardscaped area. This touch of nature can create a warmer, more welcoming environment for employees, tenants or students in common areas. Often, commercial containers line building entrances where no planting beds exist. Rosborough Partners maintains your container gardens with the same diligence that we bring to any commercial landscape, switching out bulbs, annuals, mums and holiday displays to maintain visual interest year round.


Rosborough Partners manages all construction projects that we design. This gives us the control to ensure that all elements meet or exceed our stringent standards. We work with several well-respected contractors for the installation of ponds, fences, paved areas, lighting and signage; all other work including planting, grading, sodding and pond reembankment we perform ourselves. Our crews will minimize disruption that construction can cause.

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Enhanced Work Environment

In addition to regular maintenance, we can enhance your work environment with plantings around water features or outdoor eating areas. We can reinforce pond embankments to prevent erosion or flooding, or install garden art or fountains to public areas.

Snow Removal

As an additional service to our clients, Rosborough Partners offers fast, efficient and reliable snow removal and salting so your building tenants can safely conduct business as usual, regardless of the winter weather.  When you hire us, you can trust that when that first car pulls into the parking lot in the morning, our team members have been working hours in advance to make sure the parking lot is clear and safe and your transition into the work day is as pleasant as can be.

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Plant Health Care Services

Rosborough Partners, Inc. has a full Plant Health Care division to take care of weeds, insects and diseases that could affect the beauty of your landscape. Rather than using blanket applications to maintain the proper health of lawn and plants, our approach is to tailor a program to your landscape’s specific needs. Since healthy plants and lawns have less disease and fewer insects, this enables us to reduce the overall amount of pesticides used. In situations where pesticides are called for, we always use organic or natural solutions before resorting to a synthetic solution.
Our Plant Health Care Services include:

  • Organic fertilization
  • Soil testing
  • Foliar feeding (applying liquid fertilizer to leaves)
  • Mosquito control
  • Snail and slug control
  • Rabbit and deer repellents

All of our applicators are required to be licensed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture – so you know your plants and lawn are being treated by a skilled and knowledgeable application specialist.