Legislation – Senate Bill SB9

Urgent Notice to ALL our Clients: SENATE BILL (SB9) NEW SALES TAX on Landscape Contractors in Illinois.
Rosborough Partners, Inc., is writing to inform all our clients of a significant tax bill now in our Senate that would be imposed on all who use landscape services. Whether you are one of our residential or commercial clients, this will affect you.
The Illinois Landscape Contractor Association (ILCA,) which we are a member, as well as many other qualified landscape contractors in the state of Illinois; have been monitoring this Bill. Many of us have already written to our Senators and Governor Rauner. Senate Bill 9 is proposing a tax that would be charged on all landscape services, both installation and maintenance alike. This bill does include other services such as dry cleaners, sprinkler systems, and spa services, to name a few.   This sales tax, though a pass though cost, is a jump in your already approved 2017 Budgets both for your household and business.
Here is a link to the 3rd Amendment that addresses the 6.25% tax on your landscape services:
If you would like to voice an opinion to your state senator, this link will offer their contact information:

Chinch Bug Awareness

Signs and Symptoms

Chinch Bug Damage 1A healthy lawn is a beautiful thing. Sometimes pests find it irresistible as well, so knowing what signs to look for can head off problems and ensure a season-long green carpet. One nuisance this time of year is chinch bugs, which are tiny little pests .16 of an inch long, with distinctive brown and white markings. The diminutive size makes them difficult to see, but the effects of their presence are visible. Chinch bug damage looks like irregularly shaped brown patches resembling drought damage. This is caused by the adult chinch bug feeding on the fresh foliage, sucking the sap out of the growing plant.


Pest Control

Chinch Bugs 1Brown patches are fairly common and have many sources, so it’s important to have the lawn evaluated by a professional to determine the specific cause. Chinch bug control is done when they are present, is highly effective, and keeps your lawn looking amazing throughout the season. If left unchecked, turf renovation is often necessary to repair damaged areas.

You can be confident that our crews will be diligently identifying any issues as we work to maintain your healthy lawn.

Crabgrass Alert

Crabgrass 1It is that time of year when we see the emergence of crabgrass. Below normal temperatures this spring (two snowfalls in April) resulted in lower than normal soil temperatures coming out of spring. This was followed by rapid heating in June, with low moisture counts and a resulting crabgrass barrier breach that contributed to this year’s crop. In July, some areas of the south suburbs received near record rainfall, while areas to the north and into southern Wisconsin experienced near to below normal rain totals. What has accelerated all weed activity is the recent band of high heat and high humidity. In some cases the average heat index was near 100 degrees.

We are circulating through all sites and spot spraying for crabgrass. In addition; we are spot spraying for broadleaf and touching up hardscape services with non-selective herbicide. We will be doing this between rounds and should have completion by the end of August.

We will be doing spot checking as always throughout the remainder of this season.

We are always grateful for your patience as we address this year’s crop of weeds.

Enjoy your summer!!!

Organic Mosquito Treatments


This time of year beckons us to venture outdoors and breathe in that fresh spring air. The scent of freshly cut lawn, fragrant flowers, and spring rain…there’s nothing quite so rejuvenating.


Mosquito 1With all the spring rain it can become like a feeding frenzy every time you step outside. Organic mosquito treatments will offer relief from these annoying pests. This multiple application process works by eliminating mosquitos that are present at the time of treatment, and as a repellent deterring them from continuing to live in your foliage and lawn. These applications also discourages mosquitos in untreated area nearby from moving onto your property.

Take back your yard this summer and enjoy family fun in the sun!

Fredy Lopez iLandscape Honor

Freddy iLandscape Honor for CLT 1 (2)Fredy Lopez, Supervisor at Rosborough Partners, Inc., received an honor at this year’s iLandscape show for receiving his CLT in 2015. We are proud of, and excited for, Fredy as he continues his education and training in this industry.


Freddy iLandscape Honor for CLT 3 (2)






Congratulations on your achievement, Fredy!


RPI Truck with Snow Plow 1.2 (2)

The weather forecast for this weekend shows rain turning to snow for the Chicago area, with varying accumulation depending on location. Because there is a wide variance in the forecast between the north and south, we will be monitoring the situation closely, and our crews will be dispatched as necessary to clear the snow before the hard freeze hits.

Below are 24 hour Commercial contact numbers for questions or concerns:

Mario Cruz 847/878-6121 (Lead)
Brock Williamson 847/401-0873

Perry Roos 847/239-4375 (West Chicago only)

Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm you may also call the office at 847/549-1361.

Stay warm and stay safe!

Storm Fallout

We hope everyone is safe and well after yesterday’s storms. As we begin the week, our first priority is clean up of any damage caused by the storms. We will be addressing issues in priority order, so please contact our office with any debris needing removal.

First on our list are downed trees and branches blocking roadways or causing structural damage. Debris that is not in the way of roads, pedestrian crossings, etc, will be noted and removed as soon as the priority items are addressed.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office or your Account Manager.

Warm Regards,

Rosborough Partners Commercial Team

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Mulch helps retain moisture

The winter’s mild temperatures and lack of snow have continued into the summer season with record setting temperatures and drought conditions.  This lack of moisture is having a dramatic effect on the soil which is causing lawns to go dormant and plantings to suffer in their beds.  A good way to assist the plantings in the beds is to “insulate” them with a layer of mulch.  With very little chance of rain in the forecast, mulch helps to moderate the soil temperature and retain any and all moisture the plants receive whether it is through rainfall or watering.

The Morton Arboretum has detailed guidelines for keeping your trees and shrubs adequately watered.  Click  here to read more.