For almost 30 years, Rosborough Partners, Inc. has been synonymous with great service and quality care. We continue this commitment to our clients and our employees through the merger of Rosborough Partners’ commercial business with LandCare.

After thoughtful review and careful consideration, we have found a partnership that matches our values and preserves our culture. We are proud of our team and our reputation and don’t want these to change. With LandCare, we have a partner who will provide additional support, structure and systems that will help us continue to grow our team and enhance our service capabilities for our commercial customers.

Best regards,
Phil Rosborough, President
Blaine Owens, Partner


Rosborough Partners, Inc. takes pride in the business we have built and the customers we have served over the years. Since 1991, we have remained true to our mission of providing personalized, quality landscape management services to clients at a reasonable price. Original founder Phil Rosborough and partner Blaine Owens have established Rosborough Partners as a strong contender in the Chicagoland market. As Rosborough Partners continues to grow, Phil and Blaine have focused on providing opportunities for advancement for our team members and continuing to find the best service solutions for our commercial customers. By partnering with LandCare, Rosborough Partners looks forward to expanding these opportunities while providing the great service customers have grown to expect and appreciate. After considering several options, Phil and Blaine chose LandCare because they found a company that shared their values. They have enjoyed a long friendship with LandCare partner and Executive VP Neil Carter, as well as many other leaders and team members at LandCare, dating back almost 30 years to their early days working in the Chicagoland area. Trust, and shared vision and values, drove the decision to bring two great companies together.


Blaine will assume a leadership role at LandCare, and will continue to lead the Chicagoland market. Phil will retain ownership and manage the residential business of Rosborough Partners, Inc.


Through the merger, LandCare will be able to provide additional resources for clients and employees.

Rosborough Partners will now be able to leverage a multi-million dollar investment in technology and fleet, top-notch training, and industry best practices so clients continue to receive the quality service they enjoy.

Both Rosborough Partners and LandCare value team members and their contributions. This merger will provide more employee development, greater career advancement opportunities geographically and across specializations, and improved benefits for Rosborough’s team.


Your Service Team
The same team and field managers will service the same properties. The crew that knows your site will be the ones caring for itgoing forward.

Service Costs
Pricing will remain unchanged. LandCare will honor the same commitments provided by Rosborough Partners.

Contracts & Warranties
LandCare recognizes Rosborough Partners’ commitment to its customers, so existing contracts and warranties will not need to be revised.

Local Management Team
Rosborough Partners has done an amazing job in the local market with their leaders and team members. While position titles may change to align with titles and positions at LandCare, the roles and responsibilities will remain the same.

Business Contact
Phone numbers will not change. Any changes to emails and contact information will be clearly communicated. All accounting and administrative issues can be directed to your Rosborough Partners contact.


In the coming months, communications and documents will be transitioning to the LandCare name. You can expect to see correspondence, invoices, insurance certificates, fleet, uniforms, and other branded materials to be updated throughout the remainder of the year.

LandCare has an annual multi-million dollar fleet and technology investment for more effective communication and transparency, work efficiency, and quality control protocol.

Geographic Footprint
With 50 branches in 20 states, clients can now access expanded service capabilities across the nation.


As industry leaders, Rosborough Partners and LandCare look forward to continuing excellent service. Client feedback and input is vital to a successful transition. If at any point you have concerns or are unsatisfied, please contact us.

The future is exciting. We can’t wait for what’s next!